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We are not just any online law services company. We understand the needs of startups and SMEs. We are here to make legal easy and affordable.













Our Vision

To provide easy and accessible law services for startups

We understand the challenges new businesses go through. Startups and SMEs need easy and affordable law services and we are here to provide that.

Our Mission

Fast, Easy & Reliable Law Services.

We offer you a convenient way of getting law services from the comfort of your home or office at a flat and reasonable rates.

To be able to provide the right fitting law services, we are obsessively client focused.

Our Story- Why we started Evunn Legal

In 2019, a friend of mine Chika lost a lot of money and a business deal that she invested so much time in. She entered into a business partnership with another person without any written agreement. All she had was an oral agreement between she and her partner.

The  business prospered, the other partner cut her off and she lost all to the other party who brought money for the business.

It appeared she invested 2 years of her life and gained nothing in return.

There was nothing on ground to prove that she owned a share of the business. So, she lost.

This kind of thing happens on a daily basis to a lot of young entrepreneurs. In 2019, it was Chika, today it may be Emmanuel and the list goes on and on.

Young entrepreneurs fail to approach lawyers to do the needful because they feel law services are too expensive. So, they go the do it yourself route. Some don’t even know the right thing to do when it comes to protecting their business interests legally.

This is why Evunn legal was formed. To show startups what is possible for their businesses and to provide startups and SMEs easy and affordable access to legal services. View our services here.

Client Focused

We seek to understand your business first. This is what that makes us different.

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